IWRwfYy72f8Nikolay Andreev was born in 1964 in the town of Zagorsk (today Sergiev Posad). He has been engaged in photography since the age of 16 years. As many junior amateur photographers, he had taken the first lessons in photography art at the children’s photo-circle long before he finished the technical school on the specialty “photographer” and also graduated from the Theological Seminary having become the Orthodox clergyman in the cloth of deacon in 1994 and also R.Vallenberg Institute of Special Psychology and Pedagogy. In the middle of 1980s he lectured photography at the Palace of pioneers and schoolchildren, worked as photographer at different Leningrad organizations, took part in photo-competitions, published his works in newspapers. He has been the member of the Russian Union of artists since 2009.

Photography is for Nikolay Andreev the hobby and profession at the same time. When being a child, the author scrutinized with great interest old artistic photographs, which were saved in the family archives in large number: he peered into the faces in the portraits, examined details of the city streets and squares. Having read that it was possible to print photographs from negatives at home, he bought the paper, reagents – and reconstructed the image of his grandfather who had fought at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War and whom he did not ever see. By his own admission, this moment became for Nikolay Andreev something like a deep religious emotional experience.

“This was a miracle: the image appeared from non-existence in the dark room, by the light of the red lamp, on an empty place, on the white paper”, tells Nikolay. “One may say that the act of creation took place. And I came to the church via photography”.

Kindness stated by the Christianity takes the main place in the author’s creative work. According to his opinion, genre photography, photography of everyday life with all its “truth of life” should carry good and light. Therefore Nikolay likes natural and human simplicity and beauty, which he sees and tries to bring to the viewer.

«The image of Christ should be painted in light in the soul a righteous man”. The author is ready to put his name under this statement of someone of ancient church ascetics. Professional knowledge of psychology helps Nikolay to peer better into the man, to understand people and be more tolerant to them. “As the poet Arseni Tarkovsky wrote:

«All that is nice, visible, living,

repeats its flight

If the angel of the objective

Takes your world under his wing”.